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UniLotux Pro-SP v.1.6.0

UniLotux Pro-SP

UniLotux Pro-SP is a Software specially designed for the study and analysis of a immense variety of lottery games.

UNILOTUX PRO-SP is a Software specially designed for the study and analysis of a immense variety of lottery games either type "Standard (S)" (eg: All or Nothing, EuroMillions, Hot Lotto, Keno, Lucky for Life, Megamillions, New York Lotto, Powerball, spanish Primitiva, Viking Lotto ...) or type "Numerical (N)" (eg: canadian Mini, french Joker +, greek Proto, mexican Tris, Pick3, Pick4, spanish National Lottery, the Spanish ONCE Coupon...). The program contains more than 900 predefined lotteries and the possibility of creating new games. This is an unique software in its category, as it allows to work with the most relevant worldwide games.

Among its most important features includes:

• Contains a database with more than 900 predefined lotteries, including the most important global games.

• Creation of new types of lottery.

• Modification of existing games.

• Availability to store up to 20 Favorite lotteries (for both "Standard (S)" and "Numerical (N)" games) to speed up the loading of the games most frequently used.

• Ability to work with databases containing the results of all Real drawings for each type of lottery. The current version includes the DataBases of Real drawings for Europe Euromillions, Spain Bonoloto, Spain El Gordo, Spain Primitiva and Spain ONCE 7/39.

• If no Real databases are available, the program allows the creation of Virtual ones.

• Generation of Multiple (only in "S) / Simple Bets.

• Generation of Manual / Random Bets.

• Possibility to store selected bets.

• Possibility to apply Reduction Methods (only in "S) as an alternative to performing Multiple-bets.

• Ability to select up to 3 sets of favorite numbers for each game.

• Information about the odds of success for any generated bet, in each of the allowed award categories.

• Information about Multiple / Simple bets equivalence (only in "S").

• Included a search engine for both inside the DataBase and the list of selected bets.

• Information and Statistical Graphics.

• Information about the awards that a certain bet has obtained in the past, by comparison with the drawings contained in Real or Virtual databases.

UniLotux Pro-SP


UniLotux Pro-SP v.1.6.0

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